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Apr 222014
Build your own tilting larynx

When Jeremy created the free tilting larynx template, he had no idea it would be downloaded at a rate of 15 a day for more than 10 years! If you haven’t already seen the paper larynx, it’s one of the only larynx models that has a tilting thyroid and tilting/revolving arytenoids. It is as close […]

Mar 012014
eZINE 61

Welcome to eZINE 61 In this edition we feature our newest training resource, the online Masterclass, with a “dos and don’ts” webpage for how it works. We give dates for the next Singing and the Actor Training Retreat, there’s advance notice of an international teaching trip, and a reminder of our next Webinar. The American […]

eZINE 36

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Mar 012014
eZINE 36

Welcome to eZINE 36 The Birthday Special – and it’s a big one! On 27th April 1999 a new limited company was born.This special Birthday eZINE contains the story of how it all started, the things we’ve enjoyed creating in the last 10 years, future plans for Vocal Process, and a host of good wishes […]

Aug 302018
Choose the right warm-up - 5 Tips

Choose the right warm-up Here’s another article we wrote a couple of years ago for the Voice Council Magazine. This one’s on vocal warm-up techniques and advice. A new client told us the other day that when she did a YouTube warm-up, her voice was as tired as if she’d been doing a 2-hour gig. […]

Feb 082017
Vocal Technique Clinic: What is belting?

What is belting? Belting is the “high” in contemporary singing. West End actors, Gospel divas, and Rock singers use belting to raise the performance temperature and give voice to the strongest emotions. It’s an exciting, dramatic, loud sound that is based on a chest voice vibration: the vocal folds are vibrating with a thick texture […]

Aug 152016
eZINE 79 - Singers and Speakers

eZINE 79 – Singers and Speakers In this 79th edition of the Vocal Process eZINE we unveil two new day courses, one for singers & speakers and one for singing teachers. Gillyanne reviews voice colleague Ineke van Doorn’s book Singing from the Inside Out, newly translated into English. We update you on what’s been happening for […]

Jul 022015
eZINE 73 - Vocal Process Freebies

   eZINE 73 – Vocal Process Freebies! This midsummer edition of the eZINE is packed with Vocal Process Freebies! We’ve been sharing our information for many years, and the Vocal Process website is crammed with interviews, articles, app reports, downloads and fun stuff. In this eZINE we’re highlighting some of the things you’ve loved over […]

May 112015
Growing Voices: From Roots to Results

Using voices outdoors can be tiring If your job depends on it, caring for your voice becomes vital. Anne Leatherland, our Vocal Process Accredited Teacher, was recently invited to a forestry centre to give a workshop to the staff on how to use voices efficiently outdoors. We asked Anne to share what happened: “The staff […]

Training Inhouse Course Reports

Training Inhouse Course Reports

In-house course reports… Kentwood Show Choir training day At the recent PEVoC6 conference in London, delegates were wowed by the Kentwood Show Choir’s spot in the Great Hall of St Barts (in fact, certain distinguished delegates were seen humming and bopping…). Sheila Harrod, Kentwood’s director, has been working with Gillyanne since 1998, and has implemented […]

Jan 072014
Interview Daniel Zangger borch

Rock, Soul and PopIdol with Daniel Zangger Borch Daniel Zangger Borch, Rock singer, teacher, researcher and author of the Ultimate Vocal Voyage, interview by Gillyanne Kayes for Vocal ProcessGillyanne Kayes interviews Rock singer and researcher Daniel Zangger Borch on performing, voice research and his television work.