Budget opera titles: Here are 35 MORE budget operas that didn’t quite make it past the finance committee.

  1. Budget Opera Titles are really feeling the squeeze

    Budget operas: feeling the squeeze

    Die Entfuhrung aus dem St Ives

  2. DamnTheGuttering
  3. Le Petit Macabre
  4. Hansel
  5. Dix Minutes Espagnol
  6. Iphigenie in Torremolinos
  7. The Knot Windowbox
  8. Un giorno di Reginald
  9. The Brass Cockerel
  10. I Lombarddirecti (the loan arranger)
  11. Il Viaggio a Romford
  12. Land of Smirks
  13. Love For A Satsuma
  14. Excrezia Bogey
  15. Lu
  16. The Grumpy Girlfriends of Windsor
  17. Madama UtterlyButterlyFly
  18. Menotti’s The Small
  19. Die Meistercrooner von Northampton
  20. A Midsummer Evening’s Snooze
  21. Leoncavallo’s Listen Pal…
  22. Das Rheinpyrites
  23. Salame
  24. The Slushmaiden
  25. Samson and the Lilo
  26. Semidetachedramide
  27. Puccini’s Tosser
  28. Travelodgeo (it’s a second class Otello)
  29. Faketancredi
  30. Wozzup?
  31. Die Zauberwhistle
  32. Werther’s Original
  33. Where’s Wally
  34. A Sicillian Vespa
  35. Die Waldünican

Are there any more budget opera titles that are missing? Just add them to the comments box