Budget opera titles: Here’s a quick list of 35 Budget opera titles that didn’t quite make it past the finance committee.

  1. Feeling the pinch - budget opera titles

    Feeling the pinch – budget opera titles


  2. Acis and Galaxy bar
  3. Adriana Recouvreur
  4. Bertie Sprat
  5. Un disco in papier maschera
  6. The Penny opera
  7. Bluebeard’s maisonette
  8. Der Daisykavalier
  9. The apprentice of Seville
  10. Amahl and the neighbour popping round
  11. Ariadne auf Nantwich
  12. Jonny Spits it Out
  13. The Turn of the Ikea fitment
  14. Smetana’s A Fiver for the bridesmaid?
  15. The Beggar’s Folksong
  16. Les Tweets D’Hoffmann
  17. Cosi fan solo
  18. Caballero Rusticanopener (the horsemeat scandal)
  19. La CeneBuyToLetola
  20. Curlew Trickle
  21. The Cunning Little Gerbil
  22. Monologue de la Carmelite
  23. La Reprimand de Faust
  24. La Fille du Home Guard
  25. Diaorrhea in Venice
  26. The Sniffles of Klinghoffer
  27. The Desert Ditty
  28. L’Elisir de vague interest
  29. Die Fledergnat
  30. The Cycling Dutchman
  31. Francesca di Royston Vasey
  32. Der Freiup
  33. From the House of the Slightly Under The Weather
  34. The Thieving Tit
  35. L’Incontinenzione di Poppea


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