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120 Opera titles that never made it

By Jeremy Fisher

Here’s an article for the opera devotee. Opera composers are busy people, but sometimes they don’t get the title quite right the first time.

Here’s a list of 120 opera titles that didn’t make it past the dress-rehearsal:

  1. Bizet: Vanmen
  2. Bizet (again): Les pecheurs de prawns
  3. Monteverdi: L’Incontinenzione di Poppea
  4. Handel: Dynorodelinda
  5. Handel: Semoline
  6. Gluck: Inceste
  7. Mozart: Mitridate, re di Pontypridd
  8. Mozart: Il bartender di Siviglia
  9. Mozart: Die Zauberbanjo
  10. Beethoven: Infidelio
  11. Spontini: La Vest (string)
  12. Rossini: FakeTancredi
  13. Donizetti: Spag Bolena
  14. Bellini: Norman
  15. Wagner: The Flying Dutchcap
  16. Verdi: Limpelio
  17. Verdi: Rigomorto
  18. Verdi: Un balloon in maschera
  19. Wagner: Der meistercrooner von Nurnberg
  20. Wagner: Das Rheintanzanite
  21. Wagner: Die Shufflekure
  22. Verdi: FirstAida
  23. Mussorgsky: Boris Reasonablunov
  24. Strauss: Die Fledersquirrel
  25. Wagner: Damntheguttering
  26. Saint-Saens: Samsung and the Lilo (the perfect opera for the beach)
  27. Verdi: Simon Boccaafricanamerican
  28. Delibes: Shishme
  29. Massanet: Personon
  30. Strauss: The person of no fixed abode baron.
  31. Tchaikovsky: The Queen of AfricanAmericans
  32. Verdi: Realstaff
  33. Rimsky-Korsakov: Happyko
  34. Debussy: Pelleas and his smelly sandals
  35. Verdi: Madama Slug
  36. Lehar: The Smeary Window
  37. Delius: The Village Romeo and Julian
  38. Dukas: Ariane et Barbe-ginger
  39. Richard Strauss: Powercutta
  40. Wolf-Ferrari: Ill secretion di Susanna
  41. Rossini: Il Turdo in Italia
  42. Puccini: La Fan Chiller del West End (air-conditioned theatres)
  43. Richard Strauss: Der Pansykavalier
  44. Richard Strauss: Ariadne auf Neasden
  45. Bartok: Bluebeard’s End Terrace (with off-street parking)
  46. Richard Strauss: Die Frau ohne Scheissen
  47. Massanet: Donkey Shot
  48. Gershwin: Porky and Butch
  49. Menotti: The XXL
  50. Britten: Bertie Sprat
  51. Menotti: The iPhone
  52. Menotti: Amahl and the Night Visitors and the Social Worker and the Registered List
  53. Verdi: Inani
  54. Tchaikowsky: YouGin? OneGin!
  55. Bellini: I Impuritani
  56. Krenek: Jonny Spielt Banjo
  57. Janacek: Katya KabtoBrixton
  58. Rossini: La Donner Del Lager
  59. Poulenc: La Voix Grenouillante
  60. Catalani: Where’s Wally?

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Jeremy Fisher trains singers and performers to find and maintain their best. He’s the author of Successful Singing Auditions, and creator of the Voicebox Videos – featured on the BBC and broadcast to 44,000,000 people. He was commissioned by the DANA Centre at London’s Science Museum to create a video on singing with a camera down his throat. Jeremy is fascinated by bringing technology and innate skill together. https://www.vocalprocess.co.uk

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