Nasality And The Soft Palate


Have you been told you sound nasal?

Now you can learn exactly what causes nasality, how to control it, and how to find clearer diction in 27 minutes or less!

Nasality can have a significant impact on how clearly you speak and sing. This DVD contains practical, effective techniques to combat nasality.

With Dr Gillyanne Kayes, Methuen bestselling author & voice researcher, and Jeremy Fisher, international vocal trainer & performance coach.

This DVD has already sold out twice, now back in stock in its third pressing

The Nasality and the Soft Palate vocal training DVD helps you understand:

  1. NasalityDVDCoverFullsmallwhat causes nasality
  2. why you sometimes need nasality, and when you don’t
  3. the 3-second, foolproof test for nasality
  4. finding the doorway into the nose
  5. whether the door should be open, closed or ajar
  6. how to monitor your practice from the outside
  7. why your soft palate is so important
  8. how to find and control your soft palate
  9. why what you feel isn’t necessarily what is happening
  10. the difference between singing with “a cold in your nose”, and singing “down your nose”
  11. whether you should feel anything in your nose when you sing or speak
  12. how to check if you’re doing it right
  13. when sounding nasal is a good thing
  14. finding and controlling more resonance
  15. how to maximise the resonating cavity of the mouth
  16. why the soft palate can affect your tuning
  17. when doing it “wrong” can be right
  18. how to isolate your soft palate from your tongue and your jaw
  19. which exercises to do – and the most common mistake that people make
  20. why controlling the soft palate can help with good diction
  21. the three special sounds in the English language
  22. why not all accents and dialects are the same

The soft palate is essential for our survival

It helps in breathing and in swallowing. We need to close off the nasal cavity when we swallow (or we’ll have soup coming down our nose!). We need to open the nasal cavity in order to breathe, and to allow the incoming air to be moistened and filtered by the nose (or it can get too dry for our lungs).

But sometimes when we sing or speak, we lose contact with our soft palate, and can end up sounding nasal, dull, out of tune, even comical. Now you can discover exactly how to control the doorway into the nose as Jeremy guides you through the techniques.

The soft palate is useful in communication. There are three sounds in the English language that need the door to be open. If you want to sing or speak in standard English or standard American, you will need to be in control of the soft palate.

But there’s a lot of confusion out there!

JeremyForcingNasalSoundSmallAll of these phrases refer to the same thing.

  • The velum
  • The soft palate
  • The velar port (or velar pharyngeal port)
  • The nasal port
  • The palato-pharyngeal valve
  • The opening into the nasal cavity
  • The doorway into the nose

And even the position of this structure isn’t described in the same way

The structure can be:

lifted, closed, touching the back wall
dropped, open, touching the tongue, hanging in midair

Or the cavity can be:

closed off, blocked, sealed, not resonating, denasalised, hyponasal
open, hollow, unsealed, resonating, vibrating, nasalised, hypernasal

And here are some myths about the soft palate:

  • The soft palate is always raised when you sing
  • The soft palate lifts automatically when you breathe in
  • You can’t control the soft palate
  • You get a brighter tone if you sing into your nose
  • There’s more resonating space in the nose than in the mouth
  • The jaw, tongue and soft palate work together
  • Contemporary musical theatre singing is always nasal

What you need for good vocalising

What you need for good singing or speaking is flexibility of the soft palate, closing when necessary and opening when necessary. Join the group as they go through the exercises for finding and controlling the soft palate. This DVD footage was devised by Gillyanne and Jeremy for actors, singers, teachers and voice therapists wanting to learn precise, effective techniques for vocal improvement in singing or speaking.

NasalityDVDPresentationSmallThe DVD is packed with tips for teaching the techniques to your own students and clients, including using hand signs for clarity and isolation exercises to release excess tension.Filmed as part of the Singing and the Actor Training intensive seminar, you will see Jeremy and Gillyanne take the group step by step through identifying nasality, finding the soft palate, and gaining voluntary control of this doorway between the nose and mouth. In less than 27 minutes.

The plenary session includes visual, auditory and kinaesthetic cues for a complete learning experience – watch as the participants visualise the soft palate moving, hear the sound change and feel the difference in their own voice. Witness the group singing and speaking with and without nasality, and hear the difference.

The techniques on this DVD are based on the exercises in “The nasal port” chapter 6 of Gillyanne’s groundbreaking book Singing and the Actor (voted “My favourite book on singing technique” by Jeanette Nelson, Head of Voice at the National Theatre). All the information you require to master these techniques is on this DVD, but if you already have a copy of Gillyanne’s book, you can find The Nasal Port on pages 57-70 of the second edition, and Controlling The Nasal Port on pages 56-66 of the first edition.

We aim to help you optimise your learning experience, so this DVD includes:

  • understand the cycle of learning – and find out which of the four stages of competence you are in
  • discover why ‘brain pain’ can get in the way when you learn, and what to do when you get it
  • feel, hear and visualise the techniques for a deeper understanding of how your voice works

The DVD is divided into Chapter headings and is incredibly easy to navigate, either by mouse on your computer mouse or on television using your DVD remote handset.

Chapter headings

    li>Monitoring personal effort

  1. Brain Pain and Competence
  2. What is nasality?
  3. Diagrams and film
  4. Finding the soft palate
  5. Moving from nasal to oral vowels
  6. Opening and closing the door
  7. Speaking with a dropped soft palate

We’ve tested the DVD on a number of different machines including PC, laptop, Mac tower and DVD player… the footage will play on your computer or standalone DVD player and can be played full-screen. Each chapter can be stopped and rewound, so if you want to go over something several times, you can!

Our mission is to bring you clear, precise and effective information and techniques to improve your vocalising, performing and teaching.

But don’t take our word for it!

Here’s what people say about our work:

“If you really want to know about the inner workings of the human voice, you need to turn to the work of Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher”
OPERA NOW magazine
“Revolutionising the way singing is taught”
LINK Magazine
“I gained enormously from the course – not least the safe nurturing and encouraging environment.” 
Louise Whittaker
“Wonderful teaching and clear and accessible explanations of some complex concepts.”
Jan Jinkerson
“I feel like I’ve learned an awful lot and want to take it much further. You are both very inspiring teachers.”
Sasha Mitchell
“I enjoyed every single moment of the course. Both Gillyanne and Jeremy are very approachable and their teaching methods are first class. Highly recommended to anyone who wishes to improve their voice quality.”
Grace Plummer

And here’s a longer email we received about the first training DVD in this series, Constriction and Release:

“I wanted to let you know personally how thoroughly impressed and excited I was upon watching the training DVD. As a Voice Specialist (Speech/Voice Pathologist and Singing Voice Specialist) I found the information utterly (and engagingly) correct in regards to healthy voice application.
Your application and direction of just “how” to explain and demonstrate this information was so very exciting and inspiring. I am really looking forward to adapting quite a few of my teaching methodologies with a ‘Vocal Process twist’.
I cannot tell you more, just how impressed I was when I popped your DVD into the DVD player, and after it finished I felt an overwhelming sense of conviction in regards to my teaching methods (not to mention a bit of sadness as I wanted to watch so much more).
Many thanks to both of you.”

Amber Davey, Director The Sydney Voice Centre, Australia

And that’s not all…

To help you embed the techniques, and to give you a greater understanding of what’s going on ‘up there’, we’ve added two fantastic bonuses.

BONUS 1 – Practising with Gillyanne

We’ve included five of the tracks from Gillyanne’s companion Singing and the Actor Audio Guide demonstrating control of the nasal port. And Gillyanne has recorded an audio-visual presentation, Controlling Nasality, especially for this DVD on exactly how to use the tracks.

Listen to each track and practise it in the way Gillyanne describes for the perfect experience of the Singing and the Actor work.

This bonus includes:

singingandtheactorThe Singing and the Actor Audio Guide – five tracks appear as a bonus on this Nasality and the Soft Palate DVDFive tracks from the Singing and the Actor Audio Guide:

  • Moving the Soft Palate
  • Opening and Closing with All Vowels
  • Half-open nasal port 1
  • Half-open nasal port 2
  • Half-open to closed nasal port

Audio visual instructions for each Audio Guide track and for each exercise, recorded especially for this DVD by Gillyanne

BONUS 2 – Looking at a Voice: Working the Soft Palate

As a second thank-you for buying this DVD we’re including a free, high-quality copy of ‘Looking At A Voice: Working the Soft Palate’. The original Looking At A Voice series was a UK first, and the debut video ebook was featured on the BBC science programmes ‘Leading Edge’ and ‘Science in Action’, broadcast to an estimated 44,000,000 people!

The Working the Soft Palate endoscopy video shows EXACTLY what happens inside your nose when you raise and lower the soft palate.


  • Watch as Jeremy describes exactly where the soft palate lives and how it moves
  • Follow the camera inside Jeremy’s nose as he demonstrates the exercises for opening and closing the nasal port
  • See the camera go above and below the soft palate for two different views
  • Witness the difference between nasality and twang
  • The footage includes Jeremy maintaining three positions of the soft palate – closed, half-open and open – to demonstrate total control of the structure

And there’s the Vocal Process guarantee!

We guarantee that if you find the DVD to be faulty in any way we will replace it with no cost to you. Just return the faulty DVD to us and we will send you another copy and refund all postage costs to you. (Please understand that due to the nature of a DVD and its content we cannot offer replacements or refunds on opened items unless they are faulty. This is in accordance with the UK Distance selling regulations).

This Nasality and the Soft Palate DVD costs only £47.00, less than the price of a single session with either Gillyanne or Jeremy. The price includes postage and packing in the UK – see the shopping cart for details of our reasonable postage and packing costs outside the UK. And you can buy using your credit card or your paypal account via our secure shopping cart. Rest assured, we never see your credit card details

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To your (resonant) success,


P.S. With Jeremy’s guidance you can learn how to find and control your soft palate in less time than it takes to watch an episode of XFactor. Isn’t your career worth it? (unless you’re appearing on XFactor, of course…)

P.P.S. You also get two bonus tracks included on the DVD – Practising with Gillyanne, and the complete ‘Looking at a Voice: Working the Soft Palate’ endoscopy video – to help you understand and clarify what you are doing.

P.P.S. Whatever you call it (nazal, nosal or just plain old nose singing), this DVD will help you understand how to control your sound

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