Jan 132014

Download Spectrograph Software for Computer Voice Analysis

By Jeremy Fisher

There is a wide selection of voice analysis software available on the web that can be used to produce spectrograms. They have a range of features and most are available for free trial. Here is an overview of some of the software packages I’ve tried.


Drew University Music Department LAS3 Lab.
A free version of this software, called ‘VoceVista – RealTime’ is available for download from the Vocalist web site. It’s a good program to start with if you’re learning about computer voice analysis and only takes a few minutes to download. The free version is limited to recording a maximum of eight seconds but does allow you to save examples. The fully featured version costs around $65. The Drew University Music Department has a web site with articles describing VoceVista’s use in the vocal studio (link below).
More information on the software is available from the VoceVista web site:http://www.vocevista.com/

VoceVista – RealTime download from the Vocalist web site
Drew University Music Department Laboratory for Applied Spectrography in the Study of Singing

Speech Analyzer

SIL International.
Speech Analyser is an easy to use and comprehensive program. The current version of the software costs $19.95 as part of the Speech Tools 2.0 package but you can download the previous version of Speech Analyzer (version 1.5) for free. More information on Speech Analyzer is available from Sil International’s web site:http://www.sil.org/

Speech Analyzer 1.5 download


Visualization Software LLC.

This software costs $45 but there is a free demonstration version available for download. The demonstration version is fully functional, saves unlimited examples and has no apparent maximum time per example but will stop working after ten days.Visualization Software LLC: http://www.visualizationsoftware.com/

Spectrogram download


Visualization Software LLC.

Voiceprint appears to be a version of Spectrogram specifically tailored for students of the Estill model. A trial version of the Voiceprint program is available for free download and will store up to five voiceprints on your computer. The full program costs $45. Visualization Software LLC:http://www.visualizationsoftware.com/

Visualization Software’s Voiceprint software download


Kay Elemetrics

Multi-Speech is a comprehensive speech analysis program. It was used to produce all the spectrograms that appear on the Vocal Process web site. Unfortunately this software is not available for download but more information is available from the Kay Elemetrics web site. Kay Elemetrics:http://www.kayelemetrics.com/

There are many other similar software packages out there. Just try searching for ‘spectrograph freeware’ using any Internet search engine or start with the Vocal Software listing at Vocalist


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