May 122015
eZINE 72 - singing and training

  eZINE 72 – Singing and training This late spring edition of the Vocal Process eZINE on singing and training contains news of our presentations in London, Barcelona and Riga, new dates for our Retreats, a workshop on speaking outdoors, testimonials galore, and a chance for you to get involved in our next resource ________________________________ […]

May 112015
Growing Voices: From Roots to Results

Using voices outdoors can be tiring If your job depends on it, caring for your voice becomes vital. Anne Leatherland, our Vocal Process Accredited Teacher, was recently invited to a forestry centre to give a workshop to the staff on how to use voices efficiently outdoors. We asked Anne to share what happened: “The staff […]

May 072015
Singing teacher resources in the 21st Century

Teaching vocals in the 21st Century Specialist TV series like Glee (focusing on high school choral music), or generic competitions like X Factor and The Voice (any music genre as long as it’s entertaining) have raised expectations for young performers In the not-too-distant past the route to being a singer was “Teen fan <New performer […]

Apr 152015
A great singing lesson has FORM

What makes a great singing lesson?   In the first of this three-part post, internationally renowned vocal coach and author Jeremy Fisher shares his top tips for a great singing lesson Whether you’re a singing teacher, a vocal coach or a singing student, a great singing lesson can really make your day. But what makes a […]

Apr 132015
Two octave slide with stroboscopy?

Have you ever sung a two octave slide? Have you ever sung a two octave slide with your tongue out? Have you ever sung a two octave slide in full voice with your tongue out as far as it will go being held by someone else, while a camera sits at the back of your […]

Mar 192015
eZINE 71 - Inside The Singing Voice

  eZINE 71 – Inside the singing voice This Spring edition of the Vocal Process eZINE contains news of our brand new Retreat (the first date has already sold out). A report on our second Singing Teacher’s Retreat and the follow-up mentoring we provide. Onsite training in 2015 and where we’ve been teaching. And a […]

Mar 192015
Observing vocal technique in practice

Observing vocal technique in practice We asked Singing Teacher’s Retreat graduate Ronni Bailey to write a short report on her experience of the follow-up she received after the Retreat. Here’s her article Vocal pedagogy: Thoughts on observing vocal technique in practice “After attending the Vocal Process Singing Teachers Retreat in September 2014, I had a […]

Dec 302014
eZINE 70 - Once upon a time

  eZINE 70 – Once upon a time 2014 was the year that we really lived up to our “sharing information, promoting expertise” byline with articles, Webinars, blogs, masterclasses, Skype coaching, a vocal tech report, new training aids and the publication of our chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Singing. So into the woods without […]

Nov 172014
How dance language can change your singing

Helping a dancer find truth in singing I work with many dancers who sing and singers who dance. The triple threat in Musical theatre (actor, singer, dancer) is fast becoming the norm. My client this morning is a triple threat who thinks in dance terms. She’s a dancer through and through. So how could I […]

Nov 172014
eZINE 69

  eZINE 69 – the November update Our November eZINE features a brand new free report on Six of the Best iOS Apps for singing teachers. We’re announcing a new Webinar topic (and we need your help). There are details of the courses we’ve been doing around Europe and what’s coming up in the UK. […]