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Vocal Process directors Gillyanne Kayes (‘Singing and the Actor’,‘Singing Express’) and Jeremy Fisher (‘Successful Singing Auditions’) have created downloads, DVDs and CDs for the worldwide voice community. Our resources have been seen and heard by more than 44,000,000 people worldwide (BBC figures). Published authors on healthy and efficient voice use, we have worked all over the world, personally teaching simple, profound techniques to thousands of speakers, singers and performers. Jeremy’s vocal folds are featured as the picture of healthy voice on the British Voice Association website and leaflet.

We specialise in post-professional development for teachers, targeted technique and performance coaching for singers, and live training webinars for vocal practitioners. We provide training and resources for healthy voice use in any genre, including spoken and sung voice, Belting, Musical Theatre, Contemporary Commercial Music and Adolescent Voice. Our Belting courses have been running every year since 1997. We offer training courses and private tutorials and lessons for performers and teachers, INSET training for the education sector and coaching sessions for advanced performers. View our new live Private Coaching Calendar here.

Belting Explained! is the first double dvd set from Gillyanne and Jeremy. Complete with 10 techniques for safe, healthy belting. Already in second pressing (1st pressing sold out in a week)

The 5 Minute Vocal Warmup is our latest CD containing the Four Core Skills you need to warm up your speaking voice. Released in 2011 this warmup is already in use in 19 countries.

The Twang! – The Techniques DVD is the third in the “techniques” series of DVDs, showing how to access Twang safely. This DVD sold out in 13 hours, and is now in its third pressing

The Constriction and Release DVD shows, for the first time ever on DVD, the complete process for opening your throat by controlling your false vocal folds. Now in its fifth pressing.

Nasality and the Soft Palate is the second in the “techniques” series of DVDs, showing techniques for controlling the soft palate and unwanted nasality. Now in its third pressing.

‘Voicebox Videos’DVD The DVD of the ‘Voicebox Videos’ is now in its third pressing and is in use in universities and SLT departments across Europe. Looking at a Voice was the UK’s first endoscopy video ebook, and was featured on the BBC’s Leading Edge science programme. The Voicebox Videos have been viewed in 42 countries around the world.

Jeremy’s first ebook ’86 things you never hear a singer say’ is available free to eZINE subscribers. It features humorous contributions from opera singers, West End singers, writers and two distinguished heads of department.

The Vocal Process certification programme,Integrated VoiceTM, now in its ninth year, is aimed at the contemporary vocal trainer needing to work across the genres.

Vocal Process supports the following charities:GoodGifts and BAPAM

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